Aurel Creation France

Aurel Création France

Aurel Création France designs collections of nacre Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings 



Necklaces colliers

The collections include necklaces of several styles and lengths with nacre boutons arranged symmetrically, eclectically or combined with crystal-cut perles.

Each necklace has nacre boutons linked by finely plaited thread with a simple button and loop closure.

The colours and patterns change seasonally.


Bracelets bracelets

The season collections offer bracelets of nacre boutons designed to coordinate with the necklaces and earrings of the same model. 

The nacre bracelets are linked by finely plaited thread that then loops over the end bouton to close.

Available in large, medium and small boutons that overlap slightly to wrap around the wrist.


Earrings boucles d'oreilles

The earrings are styled as single nacre discs and as pendant clusters of nacre shapes (crescents, hearts, diamonds and flowers).

Designs mix the natural and coloured nacre shapes with crystal-cut glass perles, small beads and fine metal cut-outs.

Most models are available with clip and stud (clou).