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The Cultural Heritage of French Tapestry

Tisserand des Flandres is based in Flanders, which continues to be an important region of France for tapestry, as it has been for many centuries.

Combining quality weaving and the creativity of their textile designers Tisserands des Flandres offers collections of classic and contemporary models inspired by the treasures of this cultural heritage.

Jacquard Textiles

The traditional handmade tapestries are treasures preserved today in museums and galleries worldwide. Woven “tapestries” of textile manufacture were advanced with the invention of the Jacquard loom (1804) and its later development from punch card mechanical operation to computer controlled jacquard machines (from 1983).

Combining tradition with modern methods of production Tisserands des Flandres produces a collection of jacquard tapestries, cushions and accessories in their workshops in Flanders, their expertise in textile manufacture passed on from father to son for more than forty years.

Classic & Contemporary Designs

Through the quality of the weaving and the creativity of their textile designers, Tisserands des Flandres offers a range of classic, contemporary and artist designs to Europe and internationally.

The company welcomes commissions for special projects and for textile design and manufacture.

Tisserandes des Flandres - The Collections

The LOOKBOOK illustrates the cushions, table throws and runners, draught excluders and large tapestries available for current Collections: Artists, Flowers, Animals, Classical, Deco, Mountains & more.